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Our Founder Masha Quraishi

For more than 45 years Masha Quraishi’s unique foresight and creative ability have been the key ingredient in our success and presence in the market place. Long before Masha Manufacturing Inc. was recognized as a world leader in the Manufacturing business, Masha Quraishi had already made a significant impact in the industry and in the Southwest community.


Born in 1954, Masha’s career started as a young man who had very little money, but he made up for it with a lot of hard work and incredible talent.


After graduating with honors and receiving a mechanical engineering degree from New Mexico State University masha started to work in the Jewelry whosale trade while artfully  expermenting and passionately designing his own jewelry. 



His passion and artiscic abilities are still unequalled in the market today. In 1987, When masha saw an opportunity for growth ams success and after saving every penny he could, he put together money to purchase a building soon became one of the largest volume jewelry manufacturers in Albuquerque.


Along with designing new jewelry and inventing new trends in the market, Masha had a deep passion for equipment and innovation. For the last 22 years Masha has dedicated his efforts in the research and development of the novel ideas and technology to better the jewelry trade as a whole.Currently Masha has several patents and trade recognitions for some of the most innovative and cutingedge technology for the jewelry manufacturing trade.

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